Pentar Stamping Case Studies

For almost 20 years Pentar has been solving problems for customers, and following are just a few examples of our successes.
Always Achieving; TS 19649 Compliant Moving to Certification

Since inception, Pentar has been dedicated to ongoing improvement as directly stated in our quality policy and represented in our high quality processes. Because of this commitment to improvement, Pentar is seeking to become TS 16949 certified.

Pentar recently became TS 19649 compliant and decided to implement the new system for a period of time before auditing for the quality certification. During this process, Pentar was approached by a potential customer, completed an internal audit based on TS 16949, received a 95% rating, and was awarded production of parts for an automotive instrument panel.

Pentar is committed to continually improving and this commitment ensures our customers receive quality parts with no headaches.

Pentar Modifies Tooling to Improve Production

A major manufacturing company was experiencing a high defect rate from a long running part and needed to quickly improve quality. After meeting with the prospective client and outlining our many years of experience, they moved the existing progressive die from their former supplier to Pentar.
The existing tooling was a two-out progressive family die that at the time was producing an imbalance of inventory.
Pentar quickly modified the tooling to produce either or both parts. This eliminated the imbalance, allowed the production of the exact number of pieces required, and improved quality.
The customer yielded a savings of over $20,000 in inventory in the first qtr.


Pentar Delivers on Tight Deadlines

One of General Motor’s main suppliers was not going to meet a PPAP (production part approval process) deadline because of issues in completing the tooling. This customer was in jeopardy of losing a major contract due to this incomplete tooling and slow to deliver vendor.
Pentar was awarded the contract under the agreement of expediting the process. We completed the tooling and submitted the parts on time for the PPAP and the project was saved and continues to run.




Pentar Re-Engineers Design and Reduces Assembly Cost

When designing and building tooling for a new GM project, Pentar made recommendations to our customer suggesting a redesign of the part, which would dramatically reduce the assembly cost. This could not be accomplished in time for validation or PPAP for launch however the change was made in the second year, saving $180K over the balance of the seven year program.





Pentar Saves The Day

GM gave Pentar a call one late afternoon. One of GM’s suppliers decided to close up shop without giving General Motors any notice. Given that General Motors had a specific deadline for these parts, Pentar came to the rescue! Pentar retrieved the tooling, purchase material, built the welding fixtures, and found the source of the coating. Pentar had GM up and running again before they opened Monday Morning.





Overcome and Adapt

A stamping supplier once reached out to Pentar, claiming they were having problems with the concentricity of a transmission part. Pentar gladly took on the project. Only a couple minutes in Pentar’s tryout press identified the issue. Since the issue had been resolved, it hasn’t had a problem in the past ten years! Due to the knowledge, skill-set, and determination of Pentar, the company decided to let Pentar adapt a press so they could accommodate transfer tooling for them.