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Aftermarket Solutions For Out Of Production Parts

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Pentar Stamping uses a combination of state-of-the-art metal stamping equipment and experienced personnel to ensure your part is produced accurately and efficiently.

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ABOUT Pentar

The Vision

It all started with a vision. In 1998, five business entrepreneurs founded Pentar Stamping, Inc. with the goal of producing short-run projects with world class attention to detail, precision and quality. The founders leveraged their experience in prototypes and applied that to creating a production stamping company focused on turning around quality product in a timely manner.
Since its inception, Pentar has established a reputation for reliable delivery of quality products, rapid turn-around, on-time delivery and economical handling of short-run production. The company has developed a stellar quality program, and has consistently passed the audits required for continued registration under ISO-9001 with flying colors through many consecutive quality system audits.
In addition to its being awarded the ISO-9001:2008 designation, Pentar has been recognized by its customers for its outstanding performance. Pentar’s single most important accomplishment is having the self-discipline to consistently create quality products with an exceptional level of precision.Visit our quality page to learn more about our commitment to quality.

The Name

The name Pentar Stamping was derived from the first letter of the first name of each of the company’s five founders, thus PentaR (5R). Three of the original founders are involved with the business to this day. To create more emphasis on sustainability in the metalworking industry and the environment, the Pentar logo now has an added meaning: The five R’s now stand for recover, reuse, recycle, restore and reduce.

Pentar Equipment List


80 Ton Gap Frame Press – 39.4 x 23.6 x 10.65-13.8 – 5.12 Stroke
200 Ton Gap Frame Press – 95.2 x 33.4 x 14.9-19.6 – 9.84 Stroke
200 Ton Srraight Side Press – 95.2 x 33.4 x 14.8-19.6 – 9.84 Stroke
300 Ton Straight Side Press – 120 x 50 x 24.0-36.0 – 16.0 Stroke
400 Ton Straight Side Press – 108 x 60 x 36.0-12.0 – 17.0 Stroke

8,000 lbs Coil Servo Feed Line – 0.125 Material Thickness @ 12.00
8,000 lbs Coil Servo Feed Line – 0.125 Material Thickness @ 18.00
8,000 lbs Coil Servo Feed Line – 0.125 Material Thickness @ 18.00
10,000 lbs Coil Air Feed Line – 0.125 Material Thickness @ 18.00
10,000 lbs Coil Air Feed Line – 0.125 Material Thickness @ 36.00

Finishing Equipment
15 Cubic Feet Vibratory Finish Parts Tumbler
Enclosed Cabinet Automatic Parts Washer – 18.0 x 12.00 Opening

Secondary Equipment
MIG, TIG, and Projection welding equipment
2 Ton Assembly Press
Radial Rivet Machine
5 Stage PC Controlled Resistance Welder With Dual Cascading Heads
Drill & Tapping Equipment
Tube Bender

NSF-ISR ISO 9001:2008 Certified
TS16949 Gap Anaylsis Complete
20 x 24 x 18 Mitutoyo CMM with Quadra Check-5000
Optical Comparator With Micro-Vu Computer
10 Ton Drake Push Tester
Complete Layout Lab

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