Aftermarket Service Work

Looking for a supplier to manufacture a part that is no longer in full production? Pentar Stamping is experienced with these types of challenges and is willing to take on complex aftermarket service work.
We will work with you to establish your exact needs, part specifications, and part tolerances based on your existing tooling and economic considerations in order to reach the desired level of quality necessary for replacement or service parts.
Visit our Pentar Process page to learn more about our product development process or contact us with your print and specifications to request a quote to get your production run started as soon as possible.
Our experience in metal stamping, and service work, means that we have an understanding of the complete lifecycle of a product. This knowledge helps us create a superior product with a high level of reliability.

Press Equipment


  • 80 Ton Gap Frame Press  –  39.4 x 23.6 x 10.65-13.8  –   5.12 Stroke
  • 200 Ton Gap Frame Press  –  95.2 x 33.4 x 14.9-19.6  –  9.84 Stroke
  • 200 Ton Straight Side Press  –  95.2 x 33.4 x 14.8-19.6  –  9.84 Stroke
  • 300 Ton Straight Side Press  –  120 x 50 x 24.0-36.0  –  16.0 Stroke
  • 400 Ton Straight Side Press  –  108 x 60 x 36.0-12.0  –  17.0 Stroke
Pentar Produced Parts Are Used by: